McLeod Hills

McLeod Hills
Distance: 87 miles
Rating: Moderate to Harder

This was a “new” route for 2018 and we know there are still many riders who have yet to enjoy its charms. It is located further east as the McLeod Hills are the major ridge east of the Caballo Mountains. As such, the “meat” of this route can be accessed by either running fast paved and gravel roads or by climbing up through Palomas Gap. The route uses a combination of very primitive (read “primitive” as hardly ever used!) roads to run along the base of the ridge for about 10 miles first on the west face and then on the east face. We can just about guarantee that you will not see anybody else out in this area! The transition from west to east is accomplished via a very interesting and fun canyon that will have you swearing you have been transported to Moab. The exit joins up with the Tipton Ranch road which eventually takes you back to civilization. Don’t run this one solo!

Event New Mexico - Time to Get Away
Start Time 15 Mar, 9:00 AM
Difficulty Intermediate
Max Participants 0

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