Mine Tank Loop + Broadhurst Arroyo

Mine Tank Loop + Broadhurst Arroyo
Distance: 89 miles
Rating: Harder

Mine Tank Loop + Broadhurst Arroyo: ~89 miles. Rating: Harder. Mine Tank Loop was first offered in 2016 but has mutated and evolved each year since. There are several additional “more difficult” options if you want even more rocks, steep hills, and ledges. This year’s offering includes an optional “West Mine Tank” route that is a little longer and probably in the “Difficult” category. This is very rugged and remote country (and a personal favorite) through canyons that can get mighty warm if the sun is bright. Make sure you have plenty of water and stamina if you attempt this one.

Event New Mexico - Time to Get Away
Start Time 16 Mar, 9:00 AM
Difficulty Advanced
Max Participants 0

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