Springtime Campground + Blue Ribbon Trail + Aragon Hill + Rocky Top Loop

Springtime Campground + Blue Ribbon Trail + Aragon Hill + Rocky Top Loop
Distance: 111 miles
Rating: Harder

The route past Springtime Campground (above) has long been an easy, scenic favorite. Adding the Blue Ribbon Trail (Harder) Aragon Hill (Moderate) and Rocky Top (Harder) loops adds length and considerable difficulty and “spice” to this new combination. The Blue Ribbon Trail actually uses Forest Road 922 but its lack of use for many years until we (minimally) cleared it in 2018 essentially renders it a single track. Riders loved it last year! The Aragon Loop is on the easy side of Harder but way scenic. The trifecta ends with the 20-mile Rocky Top loop. It includes a long ride up a gravel arroyo, some really tight tree dodging as riders wind down a 2nd arroyo, and then some steep and very rocky ascents and descents. The route crosses the summit we are calling “Rocky Top” for no apparent reason other than it is the highest ground around with views to match. The descent down yet another arroyo leads riders back to the graded county road. This combo route offers enough length and challenge to appeal to most riders looking for a tougher day. By mixing and matching carefully, it can be tailored to be easier and/or shorter if the main loop is too taxing.

Event New Mexico - Time to Get Away
Start Time 18 Mar, 9:00 AM
Difficulty Advanced
Max Participants 0

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