Lyda K Mine + Mine Tank

Lyda K Mine + Mine Tank
Distance: 94 miles
Rating: Difficult

The Lyda K Mine portion of this route was new in 2017. In addition to some interesting mining ruins in the foothills west of the Caballo Mountains, it offers some rough and tumble riding up and down steep, rocky hills and winding rocky arroyos. We have teamed it with the Mine Tank Loop which offers more of the same for a day-long adventure that might have you ready for a cold one by the time you get back. And because some of you are total masochists, we have added another “new” option for 2019. We are calling this canyon descent “The Gullet”. Trials riders will smile, others probably won’t but it isn’t quite as hard as it first appears. Since we don’t know just how riders will fare on this new option, there are a plethora easier/faster and harder/longer bypass and exit options.

Event New Mexico - Time to Get Away
Start Time 18 Mar, 9:00 AM
Difficulty Expert
Max Participants 0

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