2014 modette Loop 4

Length: 70 Miles
Recommended Bike Size: KTM 500's

This was the most exploratory 'modette' ride of 2014. This ride was done in the counter clockwise direction. You might have to go back the way you came in, many gates with no signs of any kind. Also there are a lot of splits from these tracks so you could use this as a base of where NOT to go as you would have a heads up.

This is EXPERT because these trails are very old, hard to find, and you probably will not see others for help. Also you might need to figure how to get over a washout hence the "EXPERT" rating.

Event 2015 Meeker Rendezvous
Start Time 24 Jul, 8:00 AM
Difficulty Expert
Max Participants 0
Rally Point Elk Mountain Inn

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