Advanced Adventure Bike Outing

This is non-guided and an idea for people. Feel free to explorer and add stuff onto any ride this is only to give you an idea. (Note: 211 is where Mark Odette buried his bike in mud, however if it's dry then you should not have issues)

This will require more advanced skills but should be a very nice long outing for for those on bigger bikes like the:
KTM 1190 R
(Those type of bikes)

Go counter clockwise starting at 13 south to 38 and to FR211.

217 & 216 not on this list, but they both head north and turn to ATV trails, 217 has the best views but it will be a VERRRRYYYYYY steep downhill but I think most riders will be able to do it and if you want the views check it out. 216 also heads north off 211 and it will also be a verrrrry steep downhill but i don't think the views were as good.

212 is also nice and is located off 214, but it is harder then 214.

NOTE: If it's dry I don't think a big Adventure Bike will have any issues if we have rain though then expect it to be a very muddy and a real PITA route.

Event 2015 Meeker Rendezvous
Start Time 24 Jul, 9:00 AM
Difficulty Advanced
Max Participants 10
Rally Point Elk Mountain Inn

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