TrailTaker Adventures: Montrose to Moab 2018

Registration for this event closed on 2018-09-11.
Event Details

This will be an adventure that consists of 4 days of riding, and 3 days of camping. The first night of camping will be primitive (no services), but the 2 nights in Moab will have restroom and shower facilities.

Tracks will be provided as we get closer to the event date. This ride will start and end in Montrose, CO. Email with any questions regarding this event.

A plated, dual-sport motorcycle is required.

A SAG (Support And Gear) vehicle will be available, so you will NOT need to carry all of your camping gear with you. Please be reasonable concerning how much gear you bring, as we need to accomodate everyone!

What to bring:
* Camping Gear (Tent, Sleeping Pad, Camp Chair, etc)
* Tools to work on your bike!
* Spare Tubes
* Plenty of water
* Plenty of snacks
* Gas money
* Whatever else you need for 4 days of riding!

Please make sure your motorcycle is properly maintained and prepped for this ride. In the event of a breakdown, we will do our best to get you going again, but in a worst case scenario, you will be assisted to a road, and you will have to wait for our rescue vehicle to pick you up. This means you could be waiting hours for a ride. We will not leave anyone permanently stranded.

Depending on the number of people, groups will be formed in Montrose based on bike style and rider experience. Riding will consist of everything from paved roads down to rough 4x4 roads. You will not need a small dirt-bike, but a mid-sized adventure bike would be ideal. A skilled rider could do this entire ride on a larger adventure bike, but may need a helping hand in parts. All bikes must have a minimum fuel range of 120 miles, although a full 200 is preferred.

Since this is a self-guided adventure, the route is not set in stone - it is up to each group to make their own decisions and plot their course, although each group will have a member with a GPS unit and our tracks. All groups will end up at a joint camp site each evening for a shared meal and comraderie. For the day in Moab, people are free to go out together or alone for a full day.

We will take 2 days to get to Moab, spend a full day enjoying the trails in Moab, then return to Montrose in a single day, via a different route.

Participants should plan on checking in with us in Montrose by 8:30 AM on Sept 12. Expect to return to Montrose by late afternoon of Sept 15.

Registration includes camping and the following meals (at a minimum). Riders will need to provide for any other meals:

Sept 12 - Camp Dinner (Primitive Campsite)
Sept 13 - Camp Breakfast (Primitive Campsite)
Sept 13 - Camp Dinner (Moab)
Sept 14 - Camp Breakfast (Moab)

Special thanks go to Woody's Wheel Works for helping us provide a camp dinner and breakfast!

Organization TrailTaker, LLC

Montrose, CO to Moab, UT

Start Date 2018-09-12
End Date 2018-09-15
Registration Fees
Event Participant $80.00
Name Date/Time Rally Point Difficulty People Leader
Wednesday, September 12
1 Montrose to Moab 12 Sep, 10:00 AM Highland Cycles, Montrose, CO Intermediate N/A
Saturday, September 15
2 Moab to Montrose 15 Sep, 9:00 AM Camp Intermediate N/A
Other Activities
Name Date/Time Rally Point Difficulty People Leader
Wednesday, September 12
1 Sign In & SAG Loading 12 Sep, 8:00 AM Highland Cycles, Montrose, CO Unknown N/A